For us, sustainability is part of the business and an important competitive differential. To operate with focus on sustainability is to conduct business in a way that generates positive results for all, today and in the future.

Promoting sustainable development goes beyond our duty to comply with the laws and determinations that regulate our activities. It means understanding society's trends and priorities and meeting the global conventions and commitments applicable in each location, in issues such as climate, biodiversity and human rights.

In line with the practice of the Novonor Culture, by serving society, contributing to sustainable development and generating tangible and intangible results, we have also earned recognition for our performance.

Our Sustainability Policy defines six commitments that guide the Group's operations and are the references for defining priorities and goals. These commitments are:

  • Commitment to ethical, honest and transparent performance.
  • Commitment to economic development.
  • Commitment to social development.
  • Commitment to people.
  • Commitment to the environment.
  • Commitment to the enhancement of culture.