Our Compliance Policies

By conviction, we are committed to acting with ethics, integrity and transparency and have adopted a system of compliance inspired by worldwide best practices and respect for the law.

In 2020, as part of a process of continuous improvement, we revised our Compliance Policy. The result was the publication of two new documents: the Policy on the Compliance System and the Code of Conduct.


Our compliance system consists of 3 pillars of prevention, detection and remediation of risks and misconduct. These pillars unfold into 10 integrated measures for the promotion of an organizational culture that supports the Code of Conduct, our commitment to ethics, integrity and transparency.

Our compliance system is an organic structure, with interdependence between the 10 measures. It works effectively when there is harmony between its pillars and when it is implemented in an integrated manner with our other policies.

We practice our system of compliance by conviction.

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Code of Conduct

By conviction, we are committed to act with ethics, integrity and transparency. This commitment, supported by our compliance system, is essential for Novono's survival, growth and perpetuity. 

The Code of Conduct brings together, in a clear and objective manner, a set of guidelines and presents the conduct expected of our members. 

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Novonor Commitment

Novnor Commitment introduces the 10 principles undertaken by the Group to fight and not tolerate corruption in any of its forms when conducting its Business. It is aligned with the Novonor Culture and must be practiced in a responsible manner in all areas of work, without any exceptions.

Following are the 10 points of the Novonor Commitment:

  • 1

    Fight and show zero tolerance for corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery

  • 2

    Say no firmly and determinedly to business opportunities that conflict with this commitment.

  • 3

    Adopt principles firmly grounded on ethics, integrity and transparency in relations with public and private agents.

  • 4

    Never rely on cultural or customary market conditions as a justification for illicit actions.

  • 5

    Ensure transparency in information about Novonor, which should be accurate, comprehensive and accessible and published on a regular basis.

  • 6

    Be aware that misconduct, whether by action or omission or disregard is harmful to society, breaks laws and destroys the image and reputation of the Novonor Group as a whole.

  • 7

    Ensure that Novonor practices the Compliance System throughout the Businesses’ value chain, always up to date with the best benchmarks.

  • 8

    Individually and collectively contribute to necessary changes in the markets and settings where misconduct may be induced.

  • 9

    Incorporate into members’ Action Programs evaluations on performance concerning the Compliance System practice.

  • 10

    Have the conviction that this commitment will keep us on the path of Survival, Growth and Perpetuity.


The Ethics Line Channel is an exclusive and confidential tool for safe and, if desired, anonymous communication of any violation of the Novonor Commitment and/or any policy, guideline, charter and law.

The information is received by an independent specialist firm, which assures whistleblowers absolute secrecy and no reprisals.


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