Odebrecht and Braskem once again are ranked as the 100 most attractive Brazilian companies for young university students, according to a study carried out by Universum, an analysis and research consulting company specialized in employer branding.

The survey has heard more than 34,000 young people from 135 universities, aiming at to recognize the most attractive organizations in Brazil in the students’ view. The result was distributed in six rankings, in different activity areas: business, engineering, information technology, natural sciences, humanities, law and health.




Odebrecht: Ranked 9th in companies on the wish list of future engineers

Ranked 9th place, Odebrecht continues to be on list as the most attractive company in the engineering sector. There are reasons to celebrate, as the company is also present in six of the seven operation areas, which demonstrates Odebrecht’s great potential in attracting new talents.

Braskem: presence in the ranking of five operation areas

In addition to Odebrecht, Braskem also stood out in the survey conducted by Universum. The company appeared in five rankings, keeping a very close position in relation to the positions of previous years.

Other survey highlights

 – Petrobras, MRV, Google, the Federal Government and Ambev are, in that order, the most desired companies in the engineering segment.

– Google, Petrobras, the Federal Government, and Netflix ranked first in various modalities.

– Being a good reference for a career in the future, investing in professional development and being innovative are the main attributes that young people seek in a company.