The Board of Directors of Novonor S.A. announced that its chairman, José Mauro Carneiro da Cunha, will be the CEO of the Group as of next Monday, 04/05, replacing Ruy Sampaio.

Héctor Núnez, a Cuban-American who has lived in Brazil for more than 20 years in Brazil and who was vice-president of operations for Coca-Cola in several countries and president of Wallmart and Ri Happy in the Brazil. Currently, Núnez is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lojas Marisa.

The choice of José Mauro as CEO and Héctor Núnez as president of the CA ends the selection that a head-hunter company had been making both internally within the company and also in the market.

José Mauro joined the Board of Directors of Novonor in October 2019, and in December he became chairman. He will remain as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Braskem. Graduated in mechanical  engineering from the Catholic University of Petrópolis (RJ, 1971), José Mauro started his career in 1974 at BNDES, where until 2002 he held several functions and held different executive positions, including as Director and Vice President. Before joining Novonor, he served on the board of directors of several companies, such as Telemar, Oi, Vale, Light, Santo Antônio Energia and Banestes, among others.

Ruy Sampaio, now replaced by José Mauro, had made it clear when he assumed in December 2019 that he would manage the transition for the future CEO. In its period, Novonor's judicial reorganization plan was approved by creditors and ratified by the courts, and the independent external monitoring of the DOJ and MPF ended, with certification of the compliance system.

During Ruy's management, the company approved the Purpose, Vision 2030 and the Group's Commitments, and changed the brand from Odebrecht to Novonor. Ruy will continue as a member of the Board of Directors of Novonor S.A.