Over the past 70 years, the Odebrecht Group and the Polytechnic School of Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA) have built a solid partnership – from the identification of young talents hired by the Group to the performance of important works for the University. Strengthening this exchanging relationship, the Polytechnic School and Odebrecht S/A promote Odebrecht Day on Friday, October 9.

To be held online at the Poli TV channel on YouTube, the event is part of the celebrations for the centennial of Norberto Odebrecht, the Group’s founder, and takes place precisely on the date when the engineer would turn 100 years old. “At 18, Norberto Odebrecht started his career as an engineering student at the Polytechnic School of UFBA. The university awakened in him the desire for innovation, the discovery of talents and the technical capacity that were his trademark all his life. With Odebrecht Day, we seek to honor the history of Norberto Odebrecht and inspire young students and recent graduates in the area,” said Marcelo Gentil, responsible for Communication and Institutional Relations at Odebrecht S.A. for the Northeast Region.

For Tatiana Dumêt, director of the Polytechnic School of UFBA, the partnership between company and university is important for the development of future engineers. “The good education of engineers must consider not only the technical but also the human aspect. The role of the engineer is to know the needs of the present and try to anticipate future developments, by serving the society and promoting culture and quality of life,” summarizes Dumêt.

Scheduled to take place from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., the event will feature lectures by executives and former executives of the Odebrecht Group, renowned professionals in the engineering area, discussing topics such as innovation, civil construction, sustainability and social technology. More than an opportunity to debate innovations in the marketplace, Odebrecht Day is also a way to introduce the university’s young talents to the social side and legacy left by the entrepreneur and educational leader. “Norberto Odebrecht was a visionary and a man who had the desire to contribute to the construction of a more harmonious and responsible society, with equal opportunities for all. Through the Odebrecht Foundation, the institution he created in 1965, he significantly impacted the lives of hundreds of families. Today, we continue to keep alive his dream of providing sustainable development”, explains Fabio Wanderley, superintendent of the Odebrecht Foundation who will present at the event the social technology built by Norberto.

The Odebrecht Day is a realization of the Polytechnic School of UFBA and Odebrecht S/A, with support of OEC, OR and the Odebrecht Foundation, and it will be transmitted with no charge at


Complete schedule:

Opening talk (20 minutes)

Tatiana Dumêt, director of the Polytechnic School of UFBA
Luís Edmundo Campos, licensed president of CREA-BA
Antonio Carlos Laranjeiras, president of the Academy of Engineering of Bahia
Henrique Paixão, director of the OEC

National Development Lecture (30 minutes)

Theme: Engineering and national development

Speaker: Raul Ribeiro, OEC Country/Brazil Director

 Infrastructure Lecture (30 minutes)

Theme: Construction engineering: large-scale projects

Speaker: Luiz Roberto Chagas, engineer, writer and former member of the Odebrecht Group

Sustainable Real Estate Lecture (30 minutes)

Theme: The OR and its sustainable building standard

Speaker: Eduardo Pedreira, OR business leader

Lecture Social Technology (30 minutes)

Theme: PDCIS: the social technology of the Odebrecht Foundation

Speaker: Fábio Wanderley, superintendent of the Odebrecht Foundation

Life and Work of Norberto Odebrecht (30 minutes)

Theme: Norberto Odebrecht: his life and legacy

Speaker: Márcio Polidoro, Communication Consultant


Polytechnic School of UFBA and Odebrecht S/A


OEC, OR and Odebrecht Foundation