In order to mitigate the effects of the economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 and to support the prevention of the disease and food security to the families of rural producers benefited by thePDCIS, Odebrecht Foundation Social Program, the institution and Civil Society Organizations have started a series of donations in Bahia’s South Bass. It is estimated that more than 300 families will benefit from food, alcohol gel and protective masks.

To Cristiane Nascimento, responsible for Sustainability, Partnerships & Communication at the Foundation, the support is part of the commitment of PDCIS and social investors, like the Mitsubishi Corporation, with the families served by the Program, “Our effort is an attempt to mitigate the impacts of this pandemic in a region that already suffers from several social vulnerabilities. Together, we can be stronger and overcome these global challenges,” he said. According to data from the United Nations World Food Programme (UN), the number of people facing acute food insecurity in the world can almost double this year, to 265 million, due to the economic consequences of Covid-19.

At the Agroforest Family Home (Cfaf), the first donations have already been made, benefiting 120 students in formation and their families. The Agroforest Family Home of Presidente Tancredo Neves (CFR-PTN) and Agroforest Family Home de Igrapiúna (CFR-I) plan the actions for the months of July and August. All students of the Agroforest Family Homes are also receiving the food vouchers from Bahia State Government.

Support to communities

In addition to direct beneficiaries of the Program, several communities in Lowlands of Southern Bahia are also being contemplated with donations from PDCIS institutions. In May, farmers in the municipalities of Igrapiúna and Piraí do Norte, assisted by the Land Conservation Organization (OCT), a partner of the Foundation, donated part of their agricultural production to the Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) of Piraí do Norte. 1,300 kg of food were donated, such as avocado, cassava, banana, palm heart, among other fruits and vegetables, to the population in vulnerability situation because of Covid-19.

Arlete Kátia, coordinator of the “Primeira Infância nas Ruas” group, one of the beneficiary institutions, celebrated the action: “These products will be delivered to families in need, who will certainly be very grateful for this gesture,” he said. Cfaf and CFR-I have strengthened Coronavirus prevention in the municipalities where they are present. The institutions made the donation of protective masks and alcohol based gel, and food to the Covid-19 Campaign Committee of Igrapiúna, and the Secretary of Social Assistance of Nilo Peçanha.